Water Heater Booster for Sanitizing Needs

Water Heater Booster

for Sanitizing Needs

 A water booster is a small water heating unit fired by gas or electric. This is specifically made to boost water temperature. It is commonly used in dish washing and sanitizing. This is made of copper or steel, and has single or double coils. It is usually fitted with water heater that is suffering from performance problem and some slow combustion, solid fuel water heaters. Water heater booster can immediately deliver high temperature water.

 The booster water heater is not designed to be a primary water heater. Its primary purpose is to provide 180°F (82°C) of hot water for sanitizing rinse in a commercial dishwasher.

In the market today there are water tanks available that already have inlets in them to receive the pipes from the water booster unit.

 Is water heater booster for me?

This water heating unit is known to deliver a high water temperature. To determine if it is for you, you should understand your need of high water temperature. Here are some suggestion:

  • Sanitize. Water heater booster is commonly used for sanitizing needs. If you own a restaurant, a food industry business or has need of constant sterilizing chinaware and tableware, a water heater booster is for you. This unit can deliver a hot water that can clean, sterilize and sanitize without fail.

  • Savings. If you want to save in buying high-priced sanitizers and drying agents, use water heater booster to clean, sanitize and sterilize.

  • Performance problem. Some water heaters often do not work properly as they age. For instance, a tankless water heater will start out with an excellent performance, but after some time, its high performance will fall. Its water temperature will usually drop and become unstable. To overcome this temperature issue, some people install hot water booster.

  • Sterilize medical equipment. Most hospital needs hot water booster to ensure proper sanitizing. A regular water heater is not enough since temperature changes as water travels through the pipes. With 180 degree F temperature, it will ensure proper sanitizing.

 How does it work?

The water booster is typically connected directly on top of your water heater. Also, it is usually part of dishwasher to help raise the water temperature up to 180 degrees F. The booster tank is used to increase the water storage capacity according to the demand. It also maintain the high temperature of the dish machine for final rinsing and sanitizing. It should be installed about 5 linear feet from the machine.

The booster actually increase the temperature to only 40 degrees F from the normal hot water temperature in the existing unit. So, when your existing heating system has problems, the booster will appear to have problems as well.  Your existing water heating system and the booster have to work together to get better results.

The water heater booster is usually checked in businesses like restaurants if it is working according to its primary purpose. The temperature is also checked if it is set according to what is required. This is in compliance to the requirement of department of health. If you have problem with your existing water heater booster, it is best to troubleshoot before the inspectors come around.