Combi Boiler

Combi Boiler

 “Combi” boiler is refering to a boiler which provides heat from radiator and at the same time delivers domestic hot water in the household. It is a compact unit which combined the high efficiency water heater in a home heating boiler. With combi, there is no need of a hot water cylinder. This system is designed to save space in the household and at the same time deliver heat and hot water in the household.

A combi boiler combines a tankless water heater and space heating boiler into a single compact unit. When the boiler is not in use, some units provide a small supplemental heater and small tank to deliver instant hot water. A combi boiler can heat bath water in about 40 seconds. It can also provides an unending supply of hot water to your tap as long as the boiler is firing.


  • Delivers continuous hot water.
  • Provides maximum water pressure. Since hot water for the taps is fed directly from the mains rather than from a hot water storage cylinder, it only does not deliver continuos hot water but also you can enjoy powerful showering
  • Save space. Since it does not need separate water cylinder and an airing cupboard, you can save space. If it you have a smaller place, this type of system is very beneficial for you.
  • Cost saving. Aside from the fact that it eliminates the cost of water cylinder, generally, you can also save on the installation cost.
  • Save installation time. Since it is a compact unit, time of installation is shorter than the other system. It is considered to be amongst the easiest systems to install


Fit for smaller household. If you have bigger household that tends to use taps simultaneously, it is not ideal for you.

  • Complicated parts. The internal parts of combi boiler are known to be complicated and this can be unreliable. So in case of breakdown, both your heating system and domestic hot water will suffer.
  • The combi does have limitations. Most standard combis take 40 seconds to heat water. Aside from that, the maximum water pressure will be lessen if the taps are used simultaneously.
  • When the outside weather is very cold and the demand for space heating is high, a combi boiler can have trouble maintaining a boiler water temperature high enough to keep the water for kitchen and bath piping hot.

Different types of combi boiler

  • Gas “combi” boiler. Gas combi boiler is a cost-effective choice of water heater. Using natural gas can generate significant savings.
  • Electric “combi” boiler. Electric boiler is an affordable options to storage heaters, oil, LPG and solid fuel boilers. Today, the latest electric combination boiler works and offers the same benefits and operation of a gas fired combination boiler. The drawback is the cost of electricity.
  •  Propane “combi” – It is a typical alternative to places that are outside the natural gas service. It is also very cost effective.
  • Oil Fired “Combi”. Oil-fired combi boilers are a great alternative for those living out in the country.