Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

With technology, things change all the time. We have to adapt to the changes. Cell phones change, televisions change, automobiles change. The same change is applied when considering tankless water heaters. A tankless water heater is available in various types and models. Often a new water heater is desired to meet our hot water needs and use up as little energy as possible.

Gas or Electric?
To decide whether to use gas or electric, consider the following information:

  • For Tankless Gas Water Heater
  • Requires a slightly larger up-front investment
  • Requires venting for safety
  • Units with sealed combustion or power venting increase safety
  • Usually cost less to operate
  • Not affected by power outages (tank-style only)

For Tankless Electric Water Heater

  • Generally cost less than gas models in a long run
  • Easy to maintain and install
  • No combustibles or venting job
  • Heats water quickly and efficiently
  • No worries on gas leak or explosion
  • Offer high energy factor rating

There are several reasons why tankless gas water heater (or on-demand water heaters) attract many users. The following are the advantages of tankless gas water heater:

Increase your Savings – Saving energy means saving money. Since it is tankless, you do not have to use energy to heat a whole tank of water and to continuously keep it warm. Instead, with tankless, energy is used just when the water is needed. As you save energy, you too, increase your savings. By eliminating wasted energy by warmed water in the tank unused, you can save a lot.

Tankless-water-heaterUnlimited Hot Water. With tankless, you do not have to worry when the whole tank is consumed and wait for the tank to be back up to temperature. With tankless, hot water is instantly heated and made it available to be used. The family can now enjoy the luxury of a long hot shower. For larger family one unit may not be enough to supply hot water if multiple uses are done simultaneously. Like dish washing machine, clothes washer and a shower.

Cleaner Water. Since it is tankless, hard mineral deposits will not be a problem compared to the tank water heater. The older the tank, rust and other mineral may affect the cleanliness of the water. With tankless, you can have a cleaner water.

Save Space. Since it is tankless, you will not worry about the space. You can install it anywhere in house with no worry about a closet to hide it or an architect to design it. Their slim size will not occupy a large space. In fact they can be easily mounted it a wall, anywhere you want it to be placed.