Water Heater Vacation Setting

In every household, it is more rewarding to save energy by reducing our monthly bills while enjoying the benefits of the technology. Often, energy saving tips are observed for this reason. Unplugging appliances if not in use, turning off the lights, and others are worth doing to save energy.

A water heating system is one of the utilities that need to be monitored to cut down the energy cost. Generally, water heater is using 20% or more of the energy in our household. To save money on a water heater is big benefit. This is why, water heater vacation setting is ideal for this purpose, to save energy while you are away from home. Think of the savings you can get if you set your water heater on “vacation setting”. This will prevent waste of money through energy standby loss.

How to do it?
New water heaters have a temperature dial called “VAC” for vacation setting. When you’re leaving for vacation, simply turn this dial to VAC. If you don’t have this kind of setting, simply turn down your thermostat to the lowest setting. You can also choose to turn off the water heater completely depending on the type of your water heater. If you have electric water heater, you can simply cut the power at the breaker or fuse in the service panel.

However, during winter you cannot turn off your furnace completely because of the risk of frozen pipes. What you can do is lower your thermostat not lower than 50 degrees F. Also, turning off the water heater completely may also means to relight the pilot light when you come home. If you do not have trouble in doing that, you can choose to turn off completely. (if not winter)

When you return, make sure to heat your water up to 120 degrees before using it. It is not necessary to flush the water in the tank.

Energy saving offers several benefits. First, it will lessen your utility bill. Second, saving energy means saving our environment. Since water heater uses gas or electric, if it is wasted, it means more pollution to the atmosphere. Third, saving energy is good for the water heater itself. Lowering temperature from time to time is good for the water heating system. It will prevent more mineral build up and corrosion. It will prolong its life expectancy and maximize its usage.

Keep on saving
Setting the water heater in “vacation mode” is not the only way of saving. There are several ways to save energy with our water heater. Here are some idea:

  • Set the water heater to 120 degrees F. Lowering to this temperature is more practical and safe. This temperature will produce enough hot water for every household. Though 140 degrees is needed for dishwasher, a water booster can do this job. Today, dishwasher has a built-in temperature booster. Something your household can consider.
  • Do the regular maintenance. Every water heater has a required maintenance to be efficient. Efficient water heater will save energy.
  • Shower heads. Water-saving shower heads are popular in the market today. It is a way to control the flow of the water in the shower yet still experience the firm blast. It is another way to conserve hot water. It is probably the easiest and most effective way to save money.
  • Check for leaks. Leaks are wasted water and energy.

Saving energy will make a difference. If you have problems with your plumbing and water heater, you can call us today for assistance.